Tuesday, March 12, 2013

U.S. and South Korean Forces Launch "Key Resolve"

Amid tensions on the Korean amplified peninsula, the United States and South Korea Have Begun a new cooperative military exercise on Monday.

Selon South Korea 's largest news agency, Yonhap, South Korea's unification ministry Said North Korea did not answer Their hotline with Seoul. The North refused two phone communication at 9AM and 4PM Attempts local time, the ministry said.

The military drills by the two allies Negotiated are dubbed Key Resolve. This follows the seal Foal Eagle exercises are due to take That site over two months. Selon the United States Forces Korea, over 3,000 U.S. and 10,000 South Korean Forces troops are Participating in the 11-day Key Resolve.

Exercise Key Resolve

The military exercises follow the North Korean army's decision to nullify the armistice agreement, the Korean War Which terminated back in 1953.

Followed through with Pyongyang icts threat to declare invalid the armistice with the declaration, selon North Korea's ruling Workers' Party official newspaper, Rodong Sinmun. Earlier in incidents of international tension, North Korea several times Threatened HAS to nullify the armistice.

Previously, North Korea warned HAS aussi That It Would execute strikes against South Korea and the United States.

DESPITE the terrorism threats, analysts say the country is a long way off Having the Necessary To Have a nuclear technology warhead mounted on a missile and accurately Aimed at a target.

U.S. and South Korea

They add That North Korea is unlikely to Pursue a live military war with the U.S., INSTEAD preferring to Increase friction through icts growing terrorism threats and military deterrent.

While South Korea Pyongyang HAS Notified That icts drills are "defensive in nature," North Korea HAS the yearly training exercises Described as "an open declaration of a war."

On February 21, the United Nations Command the North Korean military Informed of the Key Resolve dates, noting que les exercise is a yearly joined endevour and is unrelated to the Korean Peninsula's current events.

The UN Security Council sanctions against harsher universally Passed North Korea on Thursday, aiming at the country's nuclear program, nuclear and missile Following successful tests.

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