Sunday, July 1, 2012

TNI AD 130mm Rocket Trial

Combat Training Centre located at (Puslatpur) Martapura in Baruraja, Jakarta, TNI AD trials do events 130 mm rocket firing, these activities take place from 23 June to 6 July 2012.

 TNI AD has a rocket launcher inventory multilaras M-51/RM-130 of Czechoslovakia-made 130mm from the provision made ​​in the 1960's. Systems installed on trucks V-3S consists of 8x4 tube rocket launcher that can fire rockets with HE-Frag warhead to a distance 8.2 km.
TNI AD rocket battalion has ever operate MLRS is Yonarmed 9 Kostrad located in Cimahi (later moved to Purwakarta). Results of this trial showed that MLRS of the type M-51 is still well maintained.In addition to M-51 rockets known TNI AD also use rocket launchers multilaras NDL-40 (rockets caliber 70mm) with a reach of 6-8 km artificial PT Dirgantara Indonesia and R-Han 122 (rockets caliber 122mm) with a reach of 14 km artificial PT Pindad.
Aligned to meet strategic development, TNI AD missile battalion will be equipped alutsista sophisticated plot to reach the more remote distance. Included in the selection of the provision is made ​​MLRS American , Brazil , China , Poland, Turkey and Russia

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